Electrical Behavior of Peptide Nanoscale Junctions Prof. Slawomir Sek
Chemistrry Department
University of Warsaw
Dynamics of Miscible Polymer Blends: the Monomeric Friction Coefficient and the Entanglement Nnetwork Prof. Chen-Yang Liu
Laboratory of Engineering Plastics
Institute of Chemistry, The Chinese Academy of Sciences
Microstructure and Properties of Polyimide Based Nanohybrids Prof. Ha,Chang-Sik
Pusan National University, Korea
Design of Well Defined and Reactive Polyethylenes Using Controlled Radical and Coordination Polymerizations of Ethylene Prof. Franck D'Agosto

Directeur de Recherche CNRS
Precision Sequence Control to Create New Materials at the Intersection of Polymer Science and Structural Biology Prof. Ronald Zuckermann,
Biological Nanostructures Facility
The Molecular Foundry
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
On the Essential Role of Dynamics in
Macromolecular Systems
Prof. Dieter Richter
Forschungszentrum Julich
Surface Directed Molecular Assembly of Organic Semiconductors for Organic Electronics Prof. Kilwon Cho
Department of Chemical Engineering
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Precision Characterization of Polymers Prepared by Precision Polymerization Prof. Taihyun Chang
Department of Chemistry
Pohang University of Science and Technology