Name:        Shunsaku Kimura (20 Feb., 1954)

Title:       Professor, Department of Material Chemistry, 

              Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University

Education:  BS (Kyoto University, 1976)

              Ph. D. (Kyoto University, 1982)

Professional Appointments:

              1981 Instructor, Kyoto University

              1992 Lecturer, Kyoto University

              1993 Associate Professor, Kyoto University

              1999- Professor, Kyoto University

Postdoctoral Career:

              Prof. R. Schwyzer's Lab., Institute of Molecular Biology

              and Biophysics, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland

Awards:     Society of Polymer Science Japan (SPSJ) Award (1999)

Research Interests:

              Peptide Chemistry

              Supramolecular Chemistry

              Biological and/or Membrane-Active Compounds

              Molecular Organization

              Optoelectronic Devices